4 Wire Wi-Fi Video Intercom

This sensor button display provides entryway monitoring for your villa anytime day or night. Unlock entryways with the press of a button as our video entry system monitor features an intercom and door camera station.

This kind of video intercom also can connect with an indoor monitor or management center depending on the needs of your property.

4 Wire Wi-Fi Video Intercom

IP Villa Video Intercom System

Monitor each entryway anytime during the day or night with our villa IP video entry system which is equipped with night vision to provide high- quality imaging to your indoor monitor.

This indoor monitor can also supervise your garage, the front door as well as the back door at the same time based on your needs.

IP Villa Video Intercom System

IP Apartment Video Intercom System

Entry access is turned to be a secure and simple way with our WiFi video intercom systems, which you can know who is at your front door through wifi connection at your smartphone.

It is an ideal solution for facilities ranging from single tenant apartments to multi-tenant apartment building complexes.

IP Apartment Video Intercom System

Combination of Design and Utility

Wifi Connection

It uses your WiFi connection to stream video to your smartphone, developing a safe and secure circumstance for you.

All Weather Ready

All Bcom IP video doorbells, made of high-grade aluminum alloy, can work between -40°C and 50°C.

Live Monitoring

Our outdoor station monitors your front door at any time, and you can view it through the app on your mobile device.

Quiet Mode

You can adjust the chime of indoor monitor or outdoor station, so it won't wake your baby up or disturb other people.

Clear Night Vision

With our high- tech video doorbells, you can feel safe to see clearly what's happening at night around your building.

2-Way Audio

Using our IP video intercom, you can speak directly to whoever is at your door right in the app at ease.

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