iFamily Series

A basic entryway security for our family.

Knowing the person who is in the front of the door BEFORE you open the door.

iFamily Series

bSmile Series

Being Smile every day !

Detecting someone is moving at the front of the door and your garage as well as the back door, and know the strangers or visitors in the details.

bSmile Series

iMore Series

More than the video intercom!

960P or 720P high resolution and fashional functions,compatible with almost CVBS and AHD security devices.

Give your home more funs and joyness.

iMore Series

Combination of Design and Utility

HD Video

Bcom has developed AHD Series for your needs, where you can see and listen more clear with less noise.

Motion Detection

Each product automatically detects motion and can be set to take a snapshot and store in your SD card.


All 4 wire video intercom is made of high-grade metal materials. It can work smoothly at between -40°C and 50°C.

Night Vision

You can see a visitor clearly with our high quality 4 wire video intercom in a clear video at day or night.

Multiple User

Bcom can offer more than one indoor monitors installation for your members at home or in the offices.

Hear & Speak

You can enjoy a full and clear conversation with your visitor through our innovated 2-way audio technology.

Need a reference?

We work hard to keep us going. And we want our customers to love their Bcom IP video doorbells and to feel good about the service they receive.

You can download our instruction booklets to get more ideas.

4 Wire Video Intercom Product List
4 Wire Video Intercom User Manual