iFamily Series

A basic entryway security for our family.

Knowing the person who is in the front of door BEFORE you open the door.

iFamily Series

bSmile Series

Don’t being afriad of calling the family in the different place, one place and outdoor station is enough.

Enjoying Easier Life With Smile!

bSmile Series

iMore Series

Have a try to take your ” A Small Key ” in your pocket? or Leave Messages to your family or friends?

It is ” I need more “.

iMore Series

Combination of Design and Utility

Sturdy Casing

Made of qualified metal materials, our 2 wire video intercom can run smoothly at between -40°C and 50°C.

Wide Angle Lens

The lens on our products gives you a 120-degree view of your porch, making sure you won't miss any visitors.

Snap Photos

Capture a photo or record a video of your visitor with your setting and then store in your SD card.

Motion Detection

Each product automatically detects motion and can be set to take a snapshot and store in your SD card.

Night Vision

You can clearly know what's happening outside at night through our products with the infrared ray or LED illumination.

2-Way Audio

Speak and hear directly as well as clear to whoever is at your door outside via a 2 wire video intercom.

Need a reference?

We work hard to keep us going. And we want our customers to love their Bcom IP video doorbells and to feel good about the service they receive.


You can download our instruction booklets to get more ideas.

2 Wire Video Intercom Product List
2 Wire Video Intercom User Manual